Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Working from home today

Even when I work at home, I make sure to give myself a lunch break. (My eyes need a break from staring at words on a computer screen all day.) I just finished making a super-quick, super-easy, fairly healthy meal that would also work well for an easy dinner if anyone's looking for ideas.
It took about 15 minutes to prep everything. Yep... 15 minutes. Then it cooks or sits, and when it's done, you eat.
First, I'm roasting half of a chicken. (Another piece of meat from the local meat CSA we're part of from Wisconsin... seriously, the way to go if you eat meat but want to contribute to your local eating community.) All I did... wash it... put it in a casserole dish on top of about six cloves of garlic and a lemon that I eighthed. Cook at 400 degrees until done. (I do the old fashioned, prick-with-a-fork-and-see-if-it-bleeds method of testing. I guess if you want to, you can just take it's temperature... my way is much more exciting, and I have yet to poison anyone. Knock on wood.)
Then, I made some fresh hummus... I love my Cuisanart food processor, which was a great gift at my bridal shower. (See, another great reason to get married... all the kitchen supplies you get stocked up with.) Dump a can of garbanzo beans, equal parts olive oil, water, and tahini, some garlic (or whatever you want to flavor it with... I'm a garlic addict), salt, pepper, and hit the "on" button while you clean up. In about 60 seconds, you have it... hummus!
Then, as a special treat, I also made fresh pita chips. (Seriously, I'm still under 15 minutes for all of this... really, I promise.) Cut up some pita... lather on some olive oil and some kosher salt... bake for 5 minutes (at whatever temperature your oven is already set to)... flip them, coat them again, and bake again for another 5 minutes. Yummy!

And, I still have some time left in my lunch break to eat. (And I've gotten a bunch of pages of a book edited while waiting for it to cook, too... even better!)

On a side note... anyone out there a fan of Top Chef? It's Wednesday and there's a new episode tonight. Right now, no one is standing out to me like in previous years (I loved Richard last year, but it's because I'm hooked on Alinea and that's his style of cooking too... But I was happy a Chicago girl won... Makes up for the Cubs not being able to win with the other team blindfolded. Go Chicago!) I can't wait to see what they cook tonight, though. The Top Chef cookbook was out of stock on when I tried to buy it, so I'll have to wait and see if I can order it from somewhere else. (Just don't tell Joel I want to add another cookbook to my collection.)

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